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    1. Tie Your Hair Up

    Tie Your Hair Up

    P.S. You don't need to braid your hair. Just tie it up.

    2. Put on Your Wig Cap

    Put on Your Wig Cap

    Picture 1-2: Open the weaving cap in the package.

    Picture 3-4: Set the cap around your neck first. Make sure elastic side of the cap down.

    Picture 5:    Set elastic side of the cap on your hairline.

    Picture 6-7: Press your hair evenly in the cap.

    Picture 8:    Done.

    3. Apply Your Wig

     Apply Your Wig

    P.S: You need to cut the extra lace in the front of the cap first if you're applying a lace front cap.

    Picture 1: Put on your cap.

    Picture 2: Make sure your wig cover the wig cap.

    Picture 3: Adjust your wig size with the belt back.

    Picture 4: Make sure your wig fix your head using combs inside.

    Picture 5: Comb your wig if necessary.

    Picture 6: Enjoy!